What to Do When Injured As a Passenger in a Motor Vehicle Accident in Mississauga

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle collision as a passenger in Mississauga? You have the right to file a claim, regardless of which driver was at fault. Under Ontario law any injured passenger can claim accident benefits such as income replacement, rehabilitation and medical expenses.

However, as a passenger, you have little say in determining liability. Indeed, that’s up to the investigators. While a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Mississauga can make a personal injury claim, there are certain things you can do to strengthen your case.

To get you started, here are some things to do in the aftermath of a car accident.

Steps to Take When You’re a Passenger in a Car Accident in Mississauga 

Whether you’re making an insurance claim or a personal injury claim, here are some steps to take if you are a passenger in a car crash.

1. Stay at the Scene 

Many passengers involved in car collisions don’t want to be part of the ensuing legal complications. You may want to leave the scene or deny any involvement. But doing so will invalidate any accident insurance claim. Indeed, you may receive only minimal compensation, if you receive any at all.

Instead, when involved in an accident as a passenger, stay at the scene and wait for law enforcement and medical professionals to arrive. This will strengthen your claim against the at-fault driver.

2. Collect Evidence 

Accident scenes are typically full of evidence that will be used to determine fault and be useful when filing for compensation. As such, it’s important that you or someone with you collect any available evidence without getting in the way of investigators.

The most basic evidence is the identification of the other driver and getting their insurance information. In such instances, some drivers may provide false information. So, ask to see their insurance card and driver’s license.

You should also make it a point to take pictures and videos of the scene, if possible.

Also, if anyone witnessed the accident, take their contact information so it’s easier for your motor vehicle accident lawyer in Mississauga to contact them. You should also get contact details for the police officers attending the scene.

3. Seek Medical Care  

You may think you can walk away from a minor fender bender, but it’s vital for individuals involved in car collisions to seek prompt medical care. This holds true even if you think you haven’t sustained any major injuries. Indeed, you may not feel its effects until later, so allow a healthcare provider to diagnose you. They can advise you on a treatment plan and any necessary medications.

All of these actions will increase your odds of making a prompt and full recovery. Plus, a doctor’s report can be used as proof when pursuing a claim. It can help establish the injuries you sustained, when they happened, and the treatment plan you need to follow.

4. Be Proactive About Your Rights  

Hiring a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Mississauga is your best bet to filing a rightful claim, so don’t delay. Indeed, it’s one of the most important steps you can take to strengthen your defence and maximize your compensation. The right lawyer will pay attention to every aspect of your claim and ensure that your rights are protected.

5. File for a Passenger Insurance Claim 

Under Ontario law, passengers have a right to file a claim for injuries sustained in a car collision and potentially receive insurance proceeds. Typically, passengers aren’t held at fault in car collisions and need to make a claim against all vehicles involved in the accident, particularly in instances where someone may have suffered severe injuries.

In Ontario, car insurance policies work under a “no-fault” program. So, it doesn’t matter who may be at fault for the accident, but the injured passenger can make a claim with the driver’s motor vehicle insurance provider. The benefits for such claims are overseen by Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). It can provide maximum compensation of $1 million for disastrous injuries, $50,000 for non-catastrophic injuries and $3,500 for minor injuries. To better understand the type of compensation you should receive for your injuries as a passenger in a car crash, speak to your lawyer.


Even if you are simply a passenger in a car involved in a collision, you should take the necessary steps to help your situation. This is the right direction to receiving fair compensation for your damages and losses. To make sure you have the best chance of getting the compensation you rightfully deserve, be sure to choose Brar Tamber, a leading motor vehicle accident law firm in Mississauga. Doing so will help keep your stress at bay and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.