Wills & Estate

Wills & Estate

Protect Your Assets and Secure Your Family’s Future with Our Wills & Estate Lawyers in Mississauga

Planning your estate is a crucial aspect of life, as it determines how your assets will be distributed after your death. A wills & estate lawyer can help you safeguard your family’s future and ensure that your final wishes are carried out correctly. At Brar Tamber Rigby, we have a team of experienced lawyers who can help you plan your estate and navigate the complexities of wills & estate law in Ontario.

Our knowledgeable lawyers understand that each individual’s circumstances are unique. As such, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of estate planning services that include drafting wills, powers of attorney, trusts, and healthcare directives. We can also assist with estate administration, litigation, and tax planning.

In the event of the death of a loved one, our compassionate lawyers can guide you through the legal process and help you administer the estate. We offer legal advice to executors and beneficiaries on issues such as probate, asset distribution, and estate taxes. We can also provide representation in will challenges, disputes between beneficiaries, and dependent claims.

Wills & Estate


Regardless of your financial situation, age or health, it’s necessary to think about your future and make appropriate plans for what happens in the event of your death. A well-drafted will addresses the concerns related to your estate and gives you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be followed. It also ensures that the needs of your family and loved ones are met. This makes a will one of the most integral parts of an estate plan. So, you need to make sure it includes enforceable and valid terms that prevent uncertainty or confusion among your beneficiaries.

The Wills & Estate lawyers at Brar Tamber Rigby have a great deal of experience helping clients plan for the future. We ensure that they understand their options and follow the best ways to create an effective estate plan that meets your requirements. Along with helping with your financial goals, we can also set up guardianship for a special needs beneficiary and plan for their future. We take pride in providing tailored solutions for every client’s unique needs and work to protect their assets. With us, you can successfully plan your personal affairs and save yourself and your family unnecessary expense and trouble. As you plan for the future, we help you understand your options and the best ways to create an effective and comprehensive will to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Power of Attorney (POA) for Property and Personal Care

A power of attorney (POA) is a written legal document that gives another individual the right to act and make certain decisions on your behalf, should you ever become unable to. It may either be for unlimited or general use, or specific only for a one-time special purpose. You may include a spouse, relative, trusted professional or friend as your attorney to carry out your wishes for you. This individual is obligated to act in your interests; limits on their actions can also be included within the POA. It can be made effective either immediately or upon a contingent event.

At Brar Tamber Rigby, our compassionate and trusted wills & estate lawyers guide you through the emotional and often stressful decisions regarding power of attorney matters. We will make sure that the decisions made by the attorney appointed by you are done in a strategic and planned manner. We will guide you in terms of your obligations and responsibilities, make sure you understand the possible options, and ensure that your loved one’s legal rights are protected. Our experienced lawyers understand that circumstances differ in each case, which is why we provide custom (and cost-effective) solutions. We are available for a free, no-obligation initial consultation and ensure prompt communication along with a professional approach to achieve the best possible outcome.

Estate Litigation

The death of a loved one can be an emotional and devastating experience. You can find yourself overwhelmed by the responsibility of ensuring that your family’s affairs are in order. On the other hand, there may be estate-related disputes that arise, resulting in emotional and financial stress. This is why it’s best to hire an experienced wills & estate lawyer. They understand this personal and technical area of the law and can help you navigate sensitive estate-related issues.

The lawyers at Brar Tamber Rigby focus on a variety of aspects of estate disputes and provide the best legal guidance to protect your interests and those of your loved ones. By understanding your circumstances and concerns, we proactively address contentious issues and disputes before they can escalate. Our skills and knowledge enable us to devise an appropriate strategy to achieve the result that best represents your interests throughout the mediation and/or negotiation process. Plus, we keep our clients informed throughout and are always available to answer questions as we move forward. When you hire our wills & estate lawyers in Ontario, you can trust that you will receive high-quality legal services and that we will work to achieve the best possible resolution.

Survivorship Application

In Ontario, when a home is jointly owned by two people (in a common-law union or marriage) and one dies, the survivor becomes the property’s sole owner. This is owing to the operation of a legal principle known as the ‘right of survivorship‘. However, it is still necessary to have the deceased partner’s name legally removed from the title of the home. This is to make any future transactions related to the property simpler.

The wills & estate lawyers at Brar Tamber Rigby can prepare and register the survivorship application for you. We will prepare the documents in support of a survivorship application to legally register the change in property ownership efficiently and quickly. We have hands-on legal experience and training to help protect your rights and resolve legal issues related to survivorship. We will prepare the application, notifying the Land Registry Office of the death of one of the joint tenants and ensuring that the other retains their right to their property. Our team will also be available to help with concerns arising from the administration of the property while providing advice that is suitable for your situation. We will help you understand tax implications while making sure the transfer is performed correctly.

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