What Not to Do When Facing Criminal Charges (Tips from Brampton Criminal Lawyers)

Have you been charged with or accused of a crime? Get in touch with our experienced criminal defence lawyers in Brampton right away.

When facing a criminal offence, every step you take in your defence matters. Remember, you are at risk of jail time or substantial fines. But you may be able to mitigate these consequences or avoid them altogether with a strategic defence.

Keeping this in mind, our criminal lawyers in Brampton have prepared a list of mistakes to avoid when facing a criminal charge.

Let’s dive right in.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges 

Steer clear of these mistakes when facing a criminal charge.

1. Talking to Law Enforcement Authorities 

Never talk to law enforcement authorities without your criminal defence lawyer in Brampton present. If you are arrested and the police ask you questions, you can put off answering them until your legal counsel arrives. It’s best not to volunteer any answers, as what you say can be used against you. Even if you are simply telling your side of the story, you may incriminate yourself. Remember, the police may ask leading questions that complicate your legal matters.

2. Withholding Information from Your Criminal Lawyer 

Your criminal defence lawyer is on your side. When you withhold important information from them, you only make their job more difficult. If they don’t have the necessary facts, they won’t be able to give you the representation you need. Even if you have information regarding something you are embarrassed about, make sure you give them all the facts concerning the crime in question. Your lawyer isn’t there to judge, but to help you.

3. Discussing the Allegations or Charges with Others

Having a criminal allegation or charge against you will bring with it many of the challenges associated with having a criminal record. Unfortunately, many people are quick to pass judgments on individuals facing such allegations. And by discussing the matter, you will most likely have to talk about the accusation for many years, even if you aren’t convicted. Furthermore, any statements you make to others can be used as evidence against you, even if the individual is a family member or close friend. That’s why it’s best to avoid putting yourself in a difficult position by talking about your case.

4. Contacting the Alleged Victim 

It’s best to refrain from contacting the person making the claims against you. While you might think you are simply clearing up doubts or misunderstandings, the police may use this as evidence of you intimidating them.

5. Hiring the Most/Least Expensive Lawyer 

A criminal defence lawyer offering the lowest rates may not be able to adequately defend your case. Alternatively, it’s not necessary to hire the most expensive lawyer if you are dealing with a relatively minor charge.

Although lawyers who charge more generally have a stellar reputation, it’s more important that they have the experience and skills necessary to ensure a fair outcome. So, instead of choosing a criminal lawyer in Brampton based on how much they charge, you need to assess whether their abilities and trial skills are suitable for your case.

6. Missing Your Court Date 

Unless your lawyer can resolve your matter quickly, you will likely have to appear in court several times. Never miss any court date, even if you think you aren’t needed. Besides making it more difficult for your lawyer, the judge may issue a bench warrant, and you may be jailed until the next court date.

7. Posting on Social Media

Social media is one of the first places prosecutors search for evidence. Communications such as posts and texts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are where they may start. So, whether they find any useful information against you is up to you. It’s best not to share any information related to the charges on any social media platform. Even if you think the post has nothing to do with the case or charges, refrain from using your social media accounts until the case is resolved.


Facing a criminal charge or being arrested can be difficult. So, it’s best to avoid the mistakes mentioned here and hire an experienced criminal lawyer in Brampton. Remember, you don’t have to face the situation alone, and with the right resources, you will have the guidance you need. It’s your best chance to successfully defend your rights and avoid making mistakes that will cost you in the long run.