The Ontario government released the Occupiers’ Liability Act in 1990 to protect person(s) who became injured as a result of a slip and fall. The Act was created to outline the responsibilities an ‘occupier’ must carry forth to protect the safety of individuals on their premises. ‘Occupiers’ are characterized as the following:

  • a person who is in physical possession of premises, or
  • a person who has responsibility for and control over the condition of premises or the activities there carried on, or control over persons allowed to enter the premises.

Occupiers’ Liability Act

There are a variety of settings and circumstances where injuries occur as a result of a slip and fall. The government of Ontario has implemented sections for both minors and adults, as well as occurrences on public or private property. In addition, consequences also differ if the cause of the accident was due to ‘condition of the premises’ or ‘by an activity carried on the premises’. It’s important that property owners are diligent in maintaining safety standards that are aligned with Ontario laws, however, there are instances where accidents do occur. The following examples may result in a slip and fall:

  • Failure to remove ice or snow
  • Negligence to clean or notify individuals of wet or slippery surfaces
  • Work place hazards that result in injury

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury due to a slip and fall, Brar Law has extensive experience in areas surrounding premise liability and occupier’s liability. Our clients are provided with dedicated and thorough legal counsel to secure that they receive fair compensation for any loss, pain or suffering.