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Professional Lawyers to Guide You in a Slip-and-Fall Injury Case

How Can We Help You?

When you slip and fall on someone’s property, knowing your rights can be useful. Perhaps it was a patch of ice or snow not properly removed in a parking lot or a spill in the supermarket. Whether you've had an accident or are suffering due to a long-term disability, our expert team can help. Our lawyers are responsive to client questions and always accessible. We offer a free consultation and won’t charge you unless we win, so seek out our legal counsel for all injury cases. The lawyers of Brar Tamber put their hearts into each case and handle each client’s situation with professionalism and care. We offer free initial consultation and provide unparalleled legal assistance, without asking for payment unless you win the case.

Personal Injury Litigation for Slip-and-Fall Cases in Mississauga

Ontarians have a responsibility to keep their property safe in order to avoid hazards. This is compulsory for all, including private homeowners, businesses and government facilities. Failing to comply can result in injuries to visitors or passersby. If you've been a victim of such an incident, our team of property injury lawyers in Mississauga will gladly offer their legal counsel. A slip-and-fall claim is challenging because not everyone who gets hurt is eligible to pursue legal help. However, our lawyers have extensive experience to make sure you get fair compensation.

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Our Property Injury Lawyers Help Document and Assess the Hazard

The problem with slip-and-fall cases is that you need to file them quickly. There are two primary reasons for this:

  • Protecting the evidence
  • Meeting legal deadlines

If you slipped and fell on city property, it’s important to document the area where the incident took place. Then get in touch with us immediately to increase your chances of winning. Anything from pictures to videos to the names of eyewitnesses can potentially be evidence.

The condition of the property can cause serious injuries. Our lawyers will assist you in assessing the situation and whether you can file a claim for personal injury.

What We Offer

What We Offer: Personal Injury Lawyers in Ontario for Slip-and-Fall Cases

Among the different kinds of personal injuries, the most common is slip and fall. Experienced lawyers in Mississauga know that even though it’s a common case, it’s also the trickiest. Understanding our workflow will make you more aware of what to expect when you consult with us:

  • Initial steps: First, consult a doctor and acquire all medical reports and other evidence to validate the gravity of your injury. If possible, maintain a journal of the entire treatment and your physical and mental state through the procedure. These documents along with the testimony of your doctor are essential pieces of evidence which will be needed to prove your claim. These initial documentations are very important to solidify the foundation of your case.
  • Conversing with the insurance company: To cover your medical bills, you may need to talk to an insurance company. However, if they’re not inclined towards paying you what you feel is fair, it can become difficult to pay your medical expenses. That’s why it’s better to let us talk on your behalf. When our firm handles the communication, you get more time to recover.
  • Filing a claim: We file the claim on your behalf but will need proof of your right to be on the property where the injury occurred. We will also need evidence that you slipped and fell because of a pre-existing hazard, which the owner of the property is aware of. We need proof that you suffered injuries and relevant damages because of the accident.
  • Valuing the claim: Estimating the value of your claim will depend on the gravity of your injury. To do this we will review your medical bills, lost wages and other wages.

Why Choose Us?

Brar Tamber is among the top law firms in Mississauga. We have deep experience handling personal injury cases, including slip and falls, which are very common. When your pain, monetary loss or unhappiness is caused by a slip-and-fall accident because of the carelessness of another person or agency, you are within your rights to sue. Here’s why we’re the best choice if you’re unfortunate enough to face such a situation:

  • We are among the most experienced lawyers in Mississauga for personal injuries, including cases of slipping and falling.
  • We provide a free consultation where we listen to details of the accident so we can advise your next course of action. This also helps us estimate the monetary value of your claim.
  • We handle all types of personal injury cases besides slip and falls.
  • We respond to your questions and are always just a call away.


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