Top Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Brampton

Are you facing criminal charges? Perhaps jail time? Then it’s in your best interests to hire a criminal defence lawyer. They can provide their clients with numerous services, both in and out of court.

While not all legal matters require a criminal lawyer, there are many where the matter is too big and complex to deal with alone. Yes, there are fees involved, but not being represented properly can have life-altering costs.

In this post, we outline a few important reasons why hiring a criminal defence lawyer in Brampton is a good strategy for those facing such charges.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Brampton

Here are some compelling reasons why criminal charges are best met with a proper criminal defence.

1. They Know the Judicial System 

The most important reason to hire a criminal lawyer in Brampton is that they understand how Ontario’s judicial system works. It is often confusing and, for someone facing criminal charges, it can be overwhelming.

However, experienced lawyers know its intricate workings and can provide expert guidance to their clients. Their experience allows them to deal with a wide range of cases and offer suggestions based on each one’s unique circumstances. They can also help you avoid making mistakes that can be detrimental to winning your case.

2. They Decrease Your Risk 

While hiring a criminal lawyer has a cost, not being represented when facing criminal charges can expose you to disastrous results, such as:

  • Being found guilty.
  • Being fired from your job for having a criminal record.
  • Being sent to prison.

Having an experienced criminal lawyer fighting on your behalf may reduce penalties or result in your case being dismissed.

3. They Help You Understand the Process

Ontario’s legal system is a complicated one. But criminal defence lawyers in Brampton are well-versed with the province’s laws and are your best bet at navigating it successfully.

They will take the time to explain the details of your case in plain and simple language. This will leave you better prepared, from the time law enforcement questions you to your appearance in court. Their expert guidance can eliminate confusion and reduce stress associated with your case.

4. They Can Assess Your Case’s Variables

Many cases that go to court are thrown out or dismissed due to legal procedures not being followed during your arrest and/or detainment. In many situations, crucial evidence that could prove the defendant’s guilt or innocence is rendered inadmissible by a knowledgeable lawyer. Criminal law isn’t cut and dried; there are many variables in each case that must be considered. And a criminal lawyer is your best wayto address these.

5. They Have a Relationship with Prosecutors

Far from being antagonists, criminal defence lawyers often build relationships with prosecutors in order to create a more amenable experience for their clients. This relationship can be important as it may make negotiating an affordable bond or a better plea deal simpler.

6. They Can Identify Flaws in the Opposition’s Case

Along with helping make your case stronger, a criminal lawyer can identify weaknesses in the opposition’s case. This can create doubt in the minds of the judge or jury and increase your chances of winning your case.

7. They Can Advise You On Potential Outcomes

A reputable criminal defence lawyer is aware of the potential penalties you face if convicted. They will advise you on specific steps to avoid this outcome or, if you are convicted, on what to do to minimize penalties. They will also inform you whether you should accept or reject any plea deal.


A criminal charge should never be taken lightly as it can have severe consequences. But a reputable criminal defence lawyer can fight for your rights and innocence. Remember the reasons listed in this blog and you’ll see that hiring a criminal lawyer is your best strategy