Selling your home is an important decision that requires careful consideration. In order to protect your investment and secure a high return, hiring an experienced real estate lawyer to assist you throughout this process is necessary.

An Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) is the first legal binding contract that a buyer or seller must complete to begin the transaction. This process is carried forth between homeowners and their realtors, with real estate lawyers being a point of contact to review all terms and conditions. This legal documentation can be quite detailed and extensive. There are many circumstances that can arise throughout the purchase process and after it closes, which makes it imperative that homeowners understand all aspects of their agreement.

If you are a homeowner looking to conduct a resale transaction, a real estate lawyer is imperative to ensure a thorough and comprehensive property investigation is conducted. This is also known as Due Diligence, a term that awards the buyer with complete responsibility in the investigation of the ‘title’. The term title refers to the party which has ownership over the property. Real estate lawyers can protect your interest by conducting a complete overview of your property, which is imperative in the event of a poor home inspection. A real estate lawyer can act on your behalf to ensure an agreement is appropriately drafter to include protection for any future property defects that may occur.

Whether you’re selling a house or condominium, trust Brar Law as it has years of practice facilitating and authenticating property sales. We review your requirements and scan such contracts to identify hidden clauses and to ensure full transparency. With extensive knowledge of real estate laws, we protect your investment and assist in the preparation of documents including APS’s and mortgage agreements.

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