Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga Is Important
  • 21January 2022
  • Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga Is Important

According to this CBC article, four out of 10 first marriages in Canada end in divorce. Divorce is never an easy process and it can be even more daunting without a divorce lawyer offering sound legal advice.

There are various factors that come into play in divorce. Furthermore, when emotions run high, navigating this stressful time can be all the more difficult. When all of this is combined with the intricate family law system, it’s advisable to look for the best divorce lawyer you can in Mississauga. This expert can provide valuable insights and knowledge related to your situation while protecting your rights.

Here are some other advantages of hiring one.

4 Important Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga

Below are key reasons why you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Mississauga.

1. You Get Access to Legal Expertise

Only divorce lawyers know everything there is to know about custodial issues, the division of assets, and the law surrounding divorce.

So, taking on your own divorce proceedings can be costly in terms of both time and money. However, by having a divorce or family lawyer in Mississauga, you can access a vast array of legal knowledge. The enables you to make decisions that are in your best interest and that of your family.

Moreover, your lawyer will know when to intervene and make suggestions to reach mutually acceptable terms. This can prevent you from going to court, which will only lengthen the entire process.

2. They Are Familiar with Family Court and Matrimonial Law 

Family Court and Matrimonial Law

If your case is going to court, know that self-represented individuals aren’t given any special treatment. The judge will hold you to the same standards as the lawyer representing your former spouse. Plus, you will most likely be unaware of which documents are required for the proceeding, the relevant laws, and what steps to take. All of these will put you at a disadvantage.

Since divorce lawyers have represented many individuals in similar cases, they will know exactly what to do and say during your hearing or proceeding. Plus, they will also know what documents are needed and have them prepared. Your lawyer will leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best outcome.

Additionally, each province has varying family and divorce laws, and by having someone who knows these variations, you will be on the right track towards a fair divorce. The best divorce lawyers in Mississauga will also be familiar with local court proceedings and know how to move forward to make the process as peaceful as possible.

3. They Help You Avoid Making Legal Mistakes 

Avoid Making Legal Mistakes

Not hiring a lawyer sets you up for disaster as you don’t know the ins and outs of these complicated legal procedures. Moreover, you may not address various important issues, such as money or medical issues, and overestimate or underestimate the value of your assets. This can significantly impact your case in negative ways.

By hiring an experienced divorce lawyer, you can rest assured knowing all these issues are being addressed and settled properly. They will also create a binding and clear agreement, without errors, that states your wishes and helps settle your divorce as soon as possible.

4.  They Will Suggest Suitable Options 

From your case’s outset, your divorce lawyer will evaluate your situation and apprise you of possible outcomes should your case go to court. Based on their experience with similar cases and judges, they will provide options that will be legally acceptable to settle your case.

If you and/or your spouse choose to represent yourselves, you may come to agree on certain terms that the judge is within their right to reject. This will simply cause more delay and work for you, your ex-partner, the court, and the judge. In such instances, your divorce lawyer is better equipped to craft a settlement proposal that will be amenable to both parties. If your ex makes an offer, your lawyer will decide whether it’s best that you settle, make a counter-offer, or fight it in court.

Hiring a divorce lawyer may seem expensive, but not hiring one will cost more over time. Along with losing out on your settlement, you may also have to endure troublesome and time-consuming procedures that can take a toll on your mental health. Since divorce is a legal matter, hiring a reputable lawyer is the right way forward.

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