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Any real estate transaction requires careful consideration of important factors, including several areas of law and provincial jurisdictions. With our deep understanding of the Canadian real estate market, we advise our clients on the latest property trends and legislative changes to help them maximize their real estate investments. Whether you’re a lender, investor, developer, landlord or tenant, buyer or seller, Brar Tamber’s experienced real estate lawyers can offer the best legal advice for your property dealings. We understand our clients’ businesses, ethos, and objectives, and customize legal solutions to meet their immediate and long-term needs.

Real estate law has many legal aspects regarding the development, purchase, financing, management, leasing, construction, and sale of residential and commercial properties. Only an experienced real estate lawyer can help you with legal documentation, along with other complex matters (like real estate disputes) that could otherwise lead to legal complications. At Brar Tamber, our lawyers will work closely with you, combining their technical expertise with real-world experience to help you achieve your goals.

Key Areas of Practice in Real Estate
  • Refinancing

    Our real estate lawyers represent you during the refinancing process. This protects your interests to ensure there are no issues that can compromise your refinance or potential to obtain clear title of your property later on.

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  • Real Estate Selling

    From reviewing sales contracts to communicating with your realtor’s office regarding commission payments, our real estate lawyers can take care of all legal formalities during the selling process.

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  • Real Estate Buying

    Buying a property is a lengthy and complicated process. Our property lawyers oversee documents, conduct title searches, and identify potential issues before they turn into a disaster.

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Why Choose Us?

When you choose Brar Tamber for your real estate matters in Brampton, you choose expert attorneys who are ready to defend your case and ensure the best possible outcome. From the sale or lease of a residential property to disputes over property titles and boundaries, we have the experience to handle an extensive range of real estate cases. We don’t just handle the problem at hand but also provide strategic advice to boost future real estate income and avoid potential problems. In case of a property dispute, we provide tactical advice to resolve the problem, whether through litigation, arbitration, expert determination, or alternative dispute resolution. Our wide range of clients includes retailers, developers, investors, financial institutions, educational establishments, charities, property managers, leaseholders, and commercial tenants.

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What We Offer

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Brampton?

Buying, selling, or leasing a property can be pricy, tricky and time-consuming. An experienced real estate attorney is familiar with the legal matters attached to property dealings, including its intricacies and loopholes. Hiring a real estate lawyer can expedite the legal process, ensure that your rights are never jeopardized, and make sure everything goes in the right direction. Here are some of the biggest benefits of hiring a reputable law firm like Brar Tamber when purchasing or selling a property.

• Detailed Contract Review

Property purchase/selling contracts are complex documents full of legal terms and technical jargon. Signing this contract without reading and understanding its context can land you in legal trouble. Only an experienced real estate lawyer can help you understand complex legal terms and counsel you on any potentially detrimental clauses.

• Manage Complex Issues

When you’re buying or selling property from entities such as trusts, partnerships, or corporations, the contracts and negotiations are often complicated. An experienced property lawyer has the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the legal problems a layperson can’t foresee.

• Address Property Liens

A property lien is a creditor’s legal claim on specific assets if their debts are not paid in their entirety. It is a common issue that can cause a real estate transaction to fail. Only an experienced real estate lawyer knows how to remove those claims and secure proof of clean title in a safe and effective way to ensure the deal’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced real estate lawyers in Brampton answer some common client questions.

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