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Brar Tamber, a real estate law firm in Mississauga, is recognized for its excellence in providing legal services in residential and commercial real estate matters. From refinancing to quick closing, our skilled real estate lawyers in Mississauga have the experience of handling a wide range of complex property cases with a client-focused approach. With a clear understanding of the client’s circumstances, we help them in getting optimum results for their purchase and sale transactions in a cost-effective, timely, efficient and responsive manner. Whether you want us to review the Agreement of Purchase & Sale or need help in communicating with the Title Insurance Company on your behalf, we’ll assist you at every step and ensure all legal issues are resolved as soon as possible.

At Brar Tamber, we understand the complexities of sale and purchase of properties. That’s why when you entrust us with your case, our real estate lawyers in Mississauga guide you throughout the process to ensure your real estate transaction is smooth and hassle-free. Get in touch with us and rest assured that your real estate matter is in good hands.

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Areas of Practice

Our Real Estate Lawyers in Mississauga Have Helped Clients in the Following Areas:


The decision to refinance a mortgage is not as easy as it might seem. Consulting a lawyer is necessary to understand your obligations and liabilities under the mortgage. In fact, in certain cases, banks and mortgage lenders expect the involvement of an experienced real estate lawyer to make sure the mortgage and property are not questionable. We have handled several similar cases. The experience of our property lawyers can save you money by clearing the mortgage refinancing, guiding you through the process and avoiding future legal complications.

selling real estate

When it comes to selling a property, a real estate lawyer plays a vital role. From preparing all legal documents for the closing of transactions to communicating with realtor’s office regarding commission payments, a skilled attorney takes care of all formalities during the sale of a property. If you need legal assistance, we will be with you and ensure your property selling process is stress-free. You can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be handled professionally and appropriately.

buying real estate

Buying a property is a lengthy and complicated process. If you don’t have an experienced legal professional by your side, things can go haywire. But, our real estate lawyers in Mississauga won’t let that happen. Be it reviewing lender mortgage instructions or preparing all legal purchase closing documents, our experienced property lawyers specialize in handling real estate transactions. Our dedication, integrity and knowledge make us identify issues and resolve them fast so that the purchase process is free of errors and difficulties.

Additional Real Estate Services
By Brar Tamber®

Title Transfers

We assess the situational requirements and ensure the change of ownership is documented accurately. It keeps you from being burdened with the complexities of the title transfer process.

Change of Name

Marriage, divorce or legal requirements, no matter your reason for the change of name on the title, our lawyers will guide you through based on the specifics of your case.

Survivorship Applications

Our lawyers prepare and register the Survivorship Application on your behalf to formally remove the deceased from the title and add your name as the sole owner of the property.

Notary/ Commissioning

Our qualified lawyers have extensive experience in document notarization and certification. We also offer commissioning services if you need to swear an affidavit and want it to be commissioned

Quick Closings

We offer a simplified, seamless, start-to-finish service for your real estate closing. We oversee the execution of documents and take care of all legal formalities for a seamless real estate transaction.

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Brar Tamber –
We Are with You at
Every Step

Hiring a real estate lawyer when dealing with property is necessary to avoid legal complications in the long run. If you have a professional to help you, a lot of things can become easier. A property lawyer takes care of several tasks such as-

  • Reviewing the Agreement of Purchase & Sale
  • Ensuring there are no claims listed against the property
  • Arranging for Title Insurance
  • Negotiating on the terms and conditions of sale/ purchase
  • Ensuring you have a legal title upon closing and property taxes are updated
  • Calculating the amount of land transfer tax due on closing
  • Preparing and reviewing the mortgage documents
  • Preparing the deed of the property
  • Closing the transaction
  • Ensuring all legal and financial conditions have been met

In the absence of a qualified lawyer, the buyers and sellers can land in trouble due to lack of understanding of complex legal matters.

If you don’t want to face difficulties in your property transactions, trust Brar Tamber. We have a team of proactive and intelligent real estate lawyers who go above and beyond, following a focused approach for every transaction. Our in-depth understanding of complex legal matters and attention to details, make us one of the most trusted real estate law firms in Mississauga.

Step-by-Step Process of How Our Real Estate Lawyers
Will Help You Buy or Sell a Property in Mississauga

Consultation with an Attorney

The first consultation is focused on discussing the specifics of the real estate transaction to understand your case from a legal aspect.


Review of Your Case

We review all the existing documents that you bring and evaluate them to decide the best course of action to be followed so that there is no room for errors in the transaction.


Negotiation on the Terms of Purchase and Sale Agreement

We negotiate the terms of a purchase or sale agreement with the real estate agent and the seller/ buyer on your behalf and help you understand the merits or pitfalls of the terms the seller/ buyer is proposing.


Preparation of Proposed Contract

We draft a proposed contract to address any concern raised in the property condition disclosure statement provided by the seller (in case you’re buying a property). This contract also specifies the seller’s responsibility under the deed.


Thorough Assessment of All Documents

We ensure all paperwork is up to date and error-free by going through all relevant documents of the transaction including the documents you brought and the ones we prepared.


Review of Inspection Report

After the inspection of the property, the inspector prepares a report looking into the problems of the property. We review this report to ensure every fact is substantiated.


Title Search

We review a title search (in case of purchase) to ensure there are no liens, bankruptcies, judgments, outstanding mortgages or unpaid taxes against the property. If found, we ensure you receive a clear title.


Acting as a Liaison Between the Client and the Bank

We work as a liaison between you (buyer) and the bank to ensure that the mortgage lender has everything it needs to issue final approval of the mortgage.


Preparation of Closing Statement

After the lender approves the mortgage, we prepare a closing statement mentioning an itemized list of all every expense the buyer and seller must pay to complete the real estate transaction.


Attending the Closing to Review Mortgage Documents

Lastly, we attend the closing with you and review the mortgage documents make sure that the terms of the agreement are satisfactory to you. If we find no red flags, you can sign them.


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“Amazing Lawyers, very knowledgeable. Brar Tamber Law has made legal sense of my personal and corporate filings. Highly recommended for all legal consultations.”

Jacob Moskalev

"Brar Tamber Law handled my real estate closing thoroughly and efficiently! Excellent team of professional lawyers - definitely would recommend!!"

Sonia Uppal

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