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Our Team of Property Lawyers Ensures That Your Assets Are Protected

What We Do

Any real estate dealing requires careful consideration of many factors, including several areas of law and provincial jurisdictions. No matter the type or complexity of the project, real estate dealers must often rely on experienced property lawyers with a strong understanding of the industry and connections.

At Brar Tamber, we provide legal advice and representation to real estate owners, investors, developers, lenders and innovators. This includes dealings such as dispositions, acquisitions, land use and entitlement, leasing and finance, development and construction, and other services related to real estate law in Canada. We cover all types of properties, including houses, office buildings, retail centers, industrial setups, medical facilities and more. Our team of skilled and efficient property lawyers provides strategic advice that works in the best interest of our clients. From drafting simple purchase agreements and resolving environmental issues in a property deal to acquiring an extensive real estate portfolio, we are experienced in all types of real estate matters.

Why Choose Us?

Brar Tamber has been recognized by and affiliated with the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, the Law Society of Upper Canada and the South Asian Bar Association of Toronto. Our real estate lawyers are technically sound and detail-oriented professionals who have earned their unparalleled reputation of being successful negotiators and creative problem solvers. Our long-term relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust, a deep understanding of their interests and detailed knowledge of the complexities of Canadian real estate law.

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What We Offer

In-Depth Guidance On Real Estate, Land Use and Related Areas Of Law in In Mississauga

In today’s real estate market, the ability to reduce costs while maximizing profit on property investment is very important. Brar Tamber provides real estate dealers with strategic and tactical advice across a broad range of residential and commercial property transactions. Whether it involves buying and selling homes, major commercial construction projects, managing complex tenant arrangements or resolving intricate financing matters, we do it all. With an eye for details and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we are known for helping our clients get their deals closed on time and on budget.

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Let Us Vet Your Property Dealings

At Brar Tamber, we’re experts in complex real estate dealings, including ones that require speedy execution and closing, or coordinating multiple stakeholders with different interests. With years of experience in almost every major Canadian real estate market, our lawyers can provide strong advice on all types of property dealings. We work in three easy steps.

  • We provide free initial consultation upon request.
  • We assess your case and offer sound legal advice.
  • When you hire us, we do not charge any fees until the case is closed.
    And you don’t pay unless you win. In short, you have nothing to lose.

Our Areas of Expertise

By leveraging our experience and market knowledge, we are able to provide customized, matchless and integrated legal assistance to a variety of real estate clients, including landlords, tenants, land owners, developers, builders, financial institutions, lenders, hoteliers, retailers and pharmaceutical companies. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Property acquisitions, dispositions and joint ventures
  • Property investments
  • Financing arrangements
  • Commercial leasing (retail, office and industrial)
  • Asset and risk management
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Title searches
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Land use planning and development
  • Environmental assessments and permits

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Buying, selling or leasing a real estate property can be pricey, tricky and time consuming. An experienced real estate attorney is familiar with the legal matters of property dealings, their intricacies as well as their loopholes. Hiring a real estate lawyer can expedite the legal process, make certain your rights are protected and ensure everything goes in the right direction. Here are some of the biggest benefits of hiring a reputable law firm like Brar Tamber when purchasing or selling a property.

Detailed Contract Review

Property purchase/selling contracts are complex documents full of legal terms and technical jargon. Signing the contract without reading and understanding the context can land you in legal trouble. Only an experienced real estate lawyer can help you understand these complex legal terms and counsel you on any potentially detrimental clauses.

Manage Complex Issues

When you’re buying or selling property from entities such as trusts, partnerships or corporations, the contracts and negotiations are often complicated. An experienced property lawyer has the knowledge and skills to handle legal problems that a layperson couldn’t possibly foresee.

Address Property Liens

A property lien is a creditor’s legal claim on specific assets if their debts are not paid in their entirety. This is one of the most common issues that causes a real estate transaction to fail. Only an experienced real estate lawyer knows how to remove those claims and secure proof of clean title in a safe and effective way to make the deal a success.


Our experienced property lawyers in Mississauga answer some common client questions

  • When should I hire a real estate lawyer?+
  • How is title insurance different from a land survey? Do I need both?+
  • What are my options if I like another property after I have already signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale?+

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“Amazing Lawyers, very knowledgeable. Brar Tamber Law has made legal sense of my personal and corporate filings. Highly recommended for all legal consultations.”

Jacob Moskalev

"Brar Tamber Law handled my real estate closing thoroughly and efficiently! Excellent team of professional lawyers - definitely would recommend!!"

Sonia Uppal

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