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Brar Tamber is a reputable law firm in Mississauga with extensive experience representing individuals (married or common law) with a wide range of legal needs in the area of family law. Our team of qualified and esteemed family lawyers specializes in resolving disputes through negotiation or litigation, as the case demands. We come up with legally-sound strategies customized to our clients’ unique financial, emotional and legal needs.

From divorce and separation to child custody and spousal support, our law firm has the team, network, resources and infrastructure to handle all types of family law disputes. With a thorough understanding of Canadian family law legislation, we know how to best apply the legal process to your individual situation to efficiently pursue optimal results. At Brar Tamber, our priority is to be your partner through legal disputes. As reliable family and efficient family lawyers in Mississauga, we are well known for our quick response times, transparency, reasonable fees and in-depth understanding of complex laws. We take the time to listen to your needs in order to deliver the highest level of legal representation.

We are here to help you in your time of need. Get in touch with us for your family law claims and rest assured that we will protect your rights.

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Areas of Practice

Our Family Lawyers in Mississauga Have Helped Clients in the Following Areas:

prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement or a marriage contract is a great tool for couples who want to outline, in advance, what will happen to each partner’s assets and finances in case the marriage breaks down. Preparing a prenup can save you a great deal of trouble and money if anything goes wrong. The agreement outlines various matters such as spousal support, asset distribution in case of death, property brought into marriage and division of property upon separation. We can help you draft a marriage contract or enforce a pre-existing one and communicate with all interested parties.

separation agreement

Separation agreements are a way to resolve issues surrounding separation and divorce without having to resort to court or other adversarial forums. It helps in dealing with child custody and access. But it is important to receive legal advice early in the separation process and in preparation of agreement so that the legal rights of both parties are protected. People in these emotionally charged situations benefit considerably from the guidance of qualified legal professionals. Our family lawyers in Mississauga can help you create a detailed agreement tailored to your case.

uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce is where the parties are mutually seeking a divorce and have agreed on all financial and divorce-related issues such as spousal support and child access. It is advisable to seek legal help for supported guidance and straightforward advice in a stressful situation like this. Our divorce lawyers can help you understand the complexity of the situation and make sure the process is as seamless as possible. Also, we keep you informed about new developments in family law so you can benefit from our extensive and up-to-date knowledge and resources.

Additional Services Provided By Our
Family Law Firm

Child Custody/ Access Issue

Child custody is a special area of focus for our firm. We have a proven track record of achieving optimal results while ensuring care and protection of your child.

Division of Marital Property

We guide you with respect in the valuation of marital assets and liabilities. We ensure that a full disclosure of assets is presented and that exempted items are accounted for.

Family Mediation

We specialize in resolving issues arising from the breakdown of a marriage. Our experience and knowledge allow us to guide spouses towards a fair and balanced settlement through mediation.

Cohabitation Agreement

Our family lawyers can help prepare a cohabitation agreement for unmarried couples to outline what rights and obligations they have as a result of the relationship.

Collaborative Practice

Our lawyers are trained and certified in Collaborative Practice to assist both parties in working together to arrive at a mutually satisfactory separation agreement.

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Brar Tamber –
Family Lawyers You Can

Hiring a family lawyer is essential to resolve family disputes and avoid legal complications. A compassionate and dedicated legal professional can take care of a number of tasks and make things easier for you. Some roles of a family lawyer include:

  • Explaining the legal issues at hand and the options available so the client can make an informed decision
  • Presenting possible solutions to legal difficulties
  • Looking after divorce proceedings
  • Assisting in making decisions about assets, alimony or child support
  • Advising the client on legal mediation sessions
  • Providing a fair and balanced solution on child custody in an emotionally charged environment
  • Preparing cohabitation, prenuptial and separation agreements while ensuring that the rights of both parties are protected
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Ensuring that your rights are protected and that you get everything you are entitled to
  • Supervising property agreements and estate planning
  • Negotiating with other parties on behalf of the client

Without a certified family lawyer, you can face difficulties in settling child custody and your separation can be more stressful.

When you entrust Brar Tamber with your family law-related claims and disputes, you can rest assured that we will settle even the messiest of cases. After all, we are one of the best family law offices in Mississauga.

Step-by-Step Process of How Our Family Lawyers Will Help You

Consultation with an Attorney

The first consultation is focused on discussing the specifics of your family issue to understand your case from the legal aspect.


Preparation of Application

In case of a separation, you must fill out a number of court forms and give them to your partner to start a court case. Our lawyers will help you prepare your application.


Serving the Application

After submitting the forms, the court will issue documents that you will give to your partner to inform them that you have started a case against them. This is called serving the application, and our lawyers can do this on your behalf.


Filing the Documents in Court

The next step is to go to the court to file the documents in your court file. We will accompany you to the court to ensure that the paperwork is complete.


Reviewing the Respondent’s Claims

If your partner files their document in response to yours (whether they agree, disagree or make new claims), we will review the respondent’s claims to decide the course of action in that regard.


Preparing the Reply

Once all documents are reviewed, we sit with you to prepare a reply. This is an opportunity for you to comment on any new issues your partner raises and make new claims.


Making a Separation Agreement

If you and your partner mostly agree on all points, we prepare a separation agreement to outline how you and your partner will deal with your issues.


Filing Your Separation Agreement in the Court

Once you and your partner have signed the agreement, we file it with the court and keep you informed of updates.


Going to the Case Conference

If your partner disagreed with your claims, the process is different. You both go to a mandatory information program followed by the case conference to discuss your issues.


Going to the Trial

If the issue is not settled at the conference, your case will go to trial. We will represent you in court and share your side of the story in front of the judge while protecting your rights.


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Jacob Moskalev

"Brar Tamber Law handled my real estate closing thoroughly and efficiently! Excellent team of professional lawyers - definitely would recommend!!"

Sonia Uppal

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