Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home or add an investment property to your portfolio, at Brar Law we know this is an important milestone in your life. It’s integral to understand all legalities constituted by Ontario law, and adhere to considerations and requirements that are dependent on each unique listing. As an expert in real estate law, we ensure our clients make informed decisions throughout their entire transaction to protect and secure their investment amidst any uncertainties.

A Real Estate Purchase Agreement is a legal contract between you and the seller and contains extensive terms and conditions. There are significant benefits associated with choosing Brar Law to represent your next real estate purchase. We provide a comprehensive review of any agreements or contracts in order to translate details, conditions or hidden clauses. Our experts will walk you through the entire transaction and define any legal jargon to ensure you are aware of all binding promises. In addition, we also have experience working with ‘complex contracts’ which include partnerships or corporations. Our acumen in legal negotiations equips you with a team of result-driven lawyers who are invested in helping you make informed decisions.

Brar Law can also assist you in what occurs after a purchase agreement has been made. This includes protecting the purchase and addressing liens that may occur which could interfere with proper closing. We follow through by assisting you in significant steps associated with the closing of the home. This may include the preparation, drafting and review of documentation; the assistance in ensuring all balances are paid forward; and that a finalized closing statement is detailed with all incorporated transactions.

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