With the same respects to Pedestrian accidents, injured persons who are involved in bicycle accidents are also protected under the Highway Traffic Act. A bicycle is considered a ‘vehicle’ and must adhere to strict rules and regulations while sharing the road. However, motor vehicles are still required, by law, to yield the right of way. While the government of Ontario works hard to maintain safe, clean and regulated roads, there are instances where cyclists become victims of collisions or surface hazards. Possible instances that may result in a bicycle accident include:

  • Potholes and construction
  • Collison’s resulting from entering or exiting an alley, drive way or parking space.
  • Infractions during improper turns.
  • Impact with parked vehicles who open doors toward oncoming traffic.
  • Congested roadways and traffic.

Our legal experts at Brar Law have experience working with many unique cases that include bicycle accidents. If you are the victim of a bicycle accident, it’s important that you know your rights with respect to receiving appropriate compensation for your injuries. You have the right, under the Highway Traffic Act to acquire benefits that include medical coverage and income replacement due to loss of work.