9 Divorce Secrets Only Top Family Lawyers Can Tell You
  • 24January 2020
  • 9 Divorce Secrets Only Top Family Lawyers Can Tell You

Few things can leave you as shattered as an unhappy marriage.

While some marrieds prefer to stick it out no matter what, others have to end their legal partnership. And why not? Staying in a messy relationship isn’t good for anyone. It damages your mental health, leading to a bitterness that will only ever increase. And your unhappiness may impact your professional life.

Breaking up with a spouse with whom you’ve created many memories can be emotionally demanding. Both parties should be careful and practical in their journey so they can divide their properties, money, access to children and other assets equitably.

But people approaching divorce tend to forget what’s important and may lose out on their rights. If you’re letting emotions get the better of common sense, read this post as our family lawyers divulge the secrets to protecting yourself during a divorce.

Important Secrets Revealed by Family Lawyers

Divorce is stressful and requires that you exercise caution to secure your future. Let’s discover some divorce secrets that may come in handy.

  1. Don’t Let Emotions Dictate Financial Decisions

Be sure to give yourself a cooling off period before filing for divorce. Otherwise, your emotions may drive you to make rash decisions that can incur heavy costs. For instance, if you want to claim a belonging, like a book that was jointly purchased through a legal advisor, you’ll have to pay your attorney. Instead, set aside your ego and deal with more trivial matters on your own to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

  1. Keep a Check on Your Spouse’s Spending

If you’re going ahead with legal separation, you should try to keep track of your partner’s spending. This can have a big impact on your life, especially if you’re unaware of what they’re up to. Be clear about your spouse’s debts/credits to prevent unnecessary hassles later on.

  1. Gather Key Evidence Before Separating

You may assume divorce is easy. In reality, you need to do a lot of preparation if you want the process to run smoothly. You should gather pictures and other legal papers regarding your assets, joint bank accounts and important numbers. Of course, you should also speak with your partner about the same topics to avoid controversies and delays. In this way, you can settle as quickly as possible.

  1. Evaluate Your Properties

Make sure you assess the value of all your jointly held properties and other assets. In this way, you won’t lose out on your share or rights. Have your assets professionally evaluated.

  1. Reveal All Your Assets

Are you hiding assets from your spouse? Then it’s time you reveal them. This is important because hiding assets is a punishable offense that will also damage your credibility in the eyes of the court.

  1. Consider Your Partner as a Tax Shield

When you’re divorcing, you may be entitled to ask your partner for spousal support. But did you know that income is taxable? That means your ex will be able to deduct it from their taxes whereas you’ll be taxed on it. (Note that child support is a separate issue and is neither deductible nor taxable.) If you’re still unsure of the tax implications of divorce, seek guidance from a professional accountant.

  1. Get Familiar with Your Finances

Did you handle all the finances in your house? Generally, the person who looked after the money has the upper hand. That’s why it’s important to seek out professional accounting advice in order to make informed decisions before filing for divorce.

  1. Know Your Assets

Figuring out what your assets are, from biggest to smallest, will help you during negotiations. Remember that the court will divide all your assets after considering their future value. In this way, everything is more likely to be divided fairly.

  1. Expensive Lawyers Aren’t Always the Best Lawyers (For You)

Even though case histories matter, there are times when the most reputable and expensive lawyer may not be the best one for you. The main challenge is to hire an experienced attorney who makes sense for your case. They should be approachable and listen to your problems respectfully. This will help you set the right tone for your divorce. That’s why you should always look for a divorce lawyer who is patient and heeds your wishes.

These nine secrets are ones all couples approaching divorce should abide. Even though divorce isn’t easy, be strong, practical and keep your emotions in check to avoid losing out on your rights. And never try to fight your case alone. Instead, seek out a reputable family law lawyer who can make this particularly awful life event a hassle-free one.

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