5 Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Accident Claims

Have you or someone you know been injured in a car accident for which someone else was at fault?

Unfortunately, Ontario law doesn’t ensure automatic monetary compensation for the injured. While an insurance adjuster may sound friendly in the beginning and convince you that they’re on your side, it’s worth remembering that they work for the insurance company. So they’ll do what’s in their power to limit how much they pay for a claim. This typically results in them using several tactics to deny or devalue your car accident benefit claims.

Deny accident claims

Maybe you don’t think you need a car accident injury lawyer. But they’re your best bet when dealing with the insurance company to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

To properly fight the claim, you should also be aware of the tricks used by these insurance companies. Keep reading and find out what they are.

Car Accident Injury Lawyers Reveal Insurance Company Strategies to Devalue Accident Claim Benefits

A car accident injury lawyer can help you understand the different tactics auto insurance companies use to devalue or deny the victim’s accident claim benefits.

1. They Will Request a Recorded Statement

Many victims are fooled into thinking they are required to provide a statement to the insurance company as soon as they can after the accident. But anything you say when the insurance company takes a recorded statement can be used as evidence. This could include accusing you of partial liability or anything else your insurance provider can use to deny your compensation.

This is why it’s in your best interest to refrain from providing any such statements to the insurance providers, especially if you are under heavy medication to treat injuries. These medications can alter your state of mind and influence your answers to the questions being asked.

2. They Can Question Your Credibility

Even though you are the one who has suffered injuries and filed a legal claim, the process may make you feel on trial. In such instances, the insurance company may question your reliability and motives. For instance, they may use social media to track your whereabouts and find evidence against you. Furthermore, they can ask for your medical records to cross-check whether you are overstating your injuries.

Remember that the primary aim of insurance providers is to find discrepancies that make the victims look less credible. Hence, they will use any information they can gather to either devalue or completely deny your claim.

3. They May Say That the Accident Could Have Been Avoided

Sometimes insurers blame the driver, saying it’s their duty to maintain control of their vehicle at all times. The same may be applicable in your case too, whether you’re the one who caused the accident or the victim of a reckless driver. They may further use this claim to prove the accident could have easily been avoided had you paid better attention. This allows the insurance company’s adjuster to argue that they shouldn’t have to pay the compensation you’re seeking.

4. They May Convince You Not to Hire a Lawyer

The adjuster may say hiring a lawyer is too expensive and you’ll get more money without having to pay additional fees to a car accident injury lawyer.

Remember that insurance companies are rarely on your side. This is why you need a car accident injury lawyer who can file your claim and demand the compensation you deserve. Moreover, thanks to their years of industry experience, they will know your province or territory’s laws inside out. As such, they will also help you foil the tactics insurance companies use to deny claims. Remember, just like you can’t become a doctor by reading about medicine online, you can’t understand the ins and outs of your province’s laws by looking them up.

5. They May Misrepresent the Insurance Coverage

Insurance adjusters often tell clients that there is only a specific amount that will be offered for their claim. However, this amount doesn’t always correctly reflect how much is actually available to you as compensation from the party who was at fault.

This is another reason why hiring an auto accident lawyer can be beneficial: they can read the fine print on your policy and inform you of any limits. They will also point out issues that may affect your coverage and help come up with strategies to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your losses and injuries.

When you or a loved one suffers auto accident injuries, whether minor or severe, it’s natural to focus on recovery. But, if your insurance provider is devaluing or denying your claim, get in touch with a top-rated car accident law firm or personal injury lawyers who specialize in auto accidents. Because without legal help your insurance provider can make a lowball offer that doesn’t cover your needs, or, worse, refuse to pay you altogether.